enables companies to reduce hardware, in-house infrastructure and management costs by moving their existing IT environment to CMD’s virtual containers.

Let us worry about your IT so you can focus on your business. Liven up your business with

Our virtual servers are secure and isolated virtual containers ideal for hosting all your business processes such as applications, SQL databases, (e-commerce) websites and virtual desktop services. CMD’s virtual machines can be deployed in a private, public or hybrid cloud scenario. They can be customised with a wide range of professional service extensions such as backup and recovery scenarios, encryption, two-factor authentication, high availability sets and a customized Service Level Agreement.

You have the flexibility to determine the ideal mix to fit every thinkable IT hosting scenario. We guarantee a high level of service and support, including real time activation of additional infrastructure resources to cover unexpected or seasonal workloads.



CMD’s fully managed virtual machines can be deployed on a private, public or hybrid cloud platform. In a private cloud scenario the virtual machines are hosted in Luxembourg in an isolated environment in CMD’s state-of-the-art tier IV data center. For its public and hybrid offerings, CMD leverages Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

The benefits of

  • Flexible and scalable; easy to upscale to respond to peaks
  • Excellent combination of private and public cloud infrastructure (Azure)
  • Lower costs by maximizing cost efficiency
  • Quickly implement and use new features
  • Phased transition to hybrid cloud scenarios
  • Choose which data and processes remain in private cloud or in-house
  • High quality 24/7 service and support

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