CMD Hosting – Your private server in the cloud, of course Safe in Luxembourg

  CMD Hosting

Digitalization is making progress and is now part of everyday tools and equipment such as the telephone or fax in almost every sector, such as trade, service, trade, industry, tax consulting or consulting. So our customers basically have two things in common:  

  • Continuous accessibility, reliability, and protection of your data is essential to your business Accounting software, ERP, CRM, inventory management, or industry software – they contain mission-critical data such as customer information, open orders, projects, intellectual property, and financial data, and must always be available and protected against loss.
  • IT is not your core business, core competency or value-adding task. You are a professional in your field, have years of experience and know your stuff and that’s what your company is all about.. We make sure that you can concentrate fully on it.

From professionals for professionals – “Safe in Luxembourg”

With CMD Hosting we make sure that you can concentrate on your core business without wasting any thought on your servers. Use our infrastructure as a service and benefit from:

  • Years of experience of our technician
  • Benefit from the latest hardware and infrastructure
  • Hosting in Luxembourg’s Data Center European Data Hub, one of the most secure data centers in the world
  • Multi-redundant hardware, network, and connectivity
  • Professional protection against viruses, Ransomware and other threats
  • No investment in static hardware
  • Elastic scaling options

Stop worrying about disk capacity, license compliance, network, or switches, and waste precious time in processor and memory labeling. By entrusting us with your server hosting, you save your time, your nerves and your liquidity.

Our service included in all CMD hosting packages

  • Personal, isolated network without any connection to other customers
  • Professional protection against third-party access through Multilayer Firewall
  • You determine the permissions of the users with user/rights assignment and file sharing
  • Daily backup of your data with granular enterprise-class backup

The right package for you

Choose comfortably from one of our 3 predefined configurations – optimally tailored and configured for the respective application purposes. And if you still have any need to adapt to one of the configurations, we can adjust them at any time as you wish.

CMD Hosting – Package M

  • Suitable for standard software
  • Sufficient performance for everyday requirements


up to 10 users
daily backup included
2 vCPU
100GB Disk

CMD Hosting – Package L

  • Best suited for everything that is required in the office
  • Stable performance even in the face of challenges and demanding software
up to 30 users
daily backup included
4 vCPU
200GB Disk



CMD Hosting – Package XL

      • High-performance configuration for power users and special requirements
      • Extensive power reserves even at peak times


more than 30 users
daily backup included
12 vCPU
400GB Disk

Do you have any questions? Our team will be happy to respond to them.

+352 27 67 67 67 43, rue du Père Raphaël L-2413 Luxembourg