A “disaster” sounds like a rather rare event at first glance, but can happen quickly in IT and then the impact on your business is dramatic.

What do you do if your servers fail or your offices or your entire building are no longer available?


In practice, however, it is rather the small things that cause a disaster case. A hard drive, power supply, or controller is broken or the motherboard refuses service. Your infrastructure is standing still and so is your company – nothing works anymore.

A horror scenario from IT practice. Even if the error is found quickly, new hardware must be procured for replacement, delivery times etc. must be accepted and quickly your company is paralyzed for several days. Out of service!

Restoration and continuity of your IT

With our Disaster Recovery-as-a-service CMD Drp, you’re not initially protected from disaster, but from the effects. Because we operate a complete infrastructure for you, which you can simply start with a mouse click in a web interface and thus continue your operation. You do not have to maintain, maintain and operate your own complete infrastructure in the event of a case.

In the event of a disaster, your infrastructure will be started on our servers and can be used after a short time, even without re-configured the network. This ensures that you can continue business operations without long interruptions. It gives you the time to fix the flaw in your infrastructure, get the necessary replacement and get your original environment back into operation.

Of course, we are happy to advise you and support you in making your on-premises infrastructure as fail-safe as possible and avoiding critical single-point-of-failure.

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