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Telephony is essential for everyday work. Even though the concept of telephony is well over 100 years old, the cloud has also provided more efficiency, more flexibility and unimagined possibilities. Trust in our MIXpbx, secure and customizable PBX and thus reduce your costs with significantly more functionalities. Say goodbye to classic switch-off concepts and rely on a tailor-made, professional solution.

  • Acquisition, operating and maintenance costs are eliminated
  • No cost for new features and enhancements thanks to free updates
  • Call worldwide from 0.01€/min
  • Best voice quality and highest safety standards
  • Full flexibility and professional configuration options

Tailor-made to meet your needs

Your customer can easily reach you on a single phone number on a smartphone or landline or is routed accordingly thanks to intelligent time-based routing. You want to forward your callers by country of origin – no problem. Whether you’re conferencing or using intelligent queue managers. YOU determine what happens – at any time as our solutions are tailor-made according to your wishes!

MIXpbx virtual PBX

Licensing and updates

Lifetime Feature Updates

Security and Firmware Updates

Pindo App (iOS & Android)

Support by email, phone, chat, etc.
(Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00, excluding public holidays)

MyCom virtual PBX

Benefit from discounted conditions for up to 8 users

Unlimited functionalities

Pindo App (iOS & Android)

Support by e-mail, telephone, chat, etc.
(Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00, excluding holidays)

50 Discount on installation costs

User-FLAT: Free calls to over 100 countries (fixed & mobile) included

“Everything can – noone has to”

Compared to established operators, the call charges are up to 95% and on average 50% cheaper. You take no risk, keep your phone numbers and your internal extension directory. If desired, add national and international numbers to position your company internationally. Offer your customers the professional phone service they deserve.

  • Call management, interception, forwarding
  • Redirection, conferences – routing by origin, by time – Integration of waiting music, message recording of calls
  • Managing queues
  • Fax-to-mail, mail-to-fax
  • Connection to your CRM/ERP

Overview of the main call rates *

Country Call Destination established competitor Your savings
Luxembourg Call to landline National €0.0264/min €0.0190/min – 28%
Call to the mobile network €0.1590/min €0.1100/min – 31%
Germany Call to landline Trier €0.0890/min €0.0190/min – 78%
Call to landline Frankfurt a.M. €0.1167/min – 83%
Call to the mobile network €0.2480/min €0.1180/min – 52%



Call to landline Metz €0.0890/min €0.0190/min – 78%
Call to landline Paris €0.1167/min – 83%
Call to the mobile network €0.2480/min €0.0720/min – 71%
Belgium Call to landline Arel €0.0890/min €0.0190/min – 78%
Call to landline Brussels €0.1167/min – 83%
Call to the mobile network €0.2480/min €0.1400/min – 44%
United States Call to landline National €0.1167/min €0.0190/min – 83%
Call to the mobile network

* This is just an excerpt from our call rates. For an overview of all destinations, visit


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