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Learn more We believe that whether a crisis or not, hardly any company can work smoothly today without optimal IT equipment. Nowadays your customers too expect digital processes, data exchange, fast response times and availability almost around the clock.

That is why we have developed a concept with which you can make your company able to act for the current situation – directly and unbureaucratically, without upfront investments – or keep it fit for future challenges – the PRODUCTIVITY ROCKET.

Solutions that adapt to your business – and not the other way around.

Your private server in the cloud

More than just “Email”

Safe in Luxembourg

Managed IT Services

Our vision

The aim of CMD is to become the market leader in ICT services for SMEs in Luxembourg. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, we must constantly develop new and innovative services and cultivate a corporate culture that enables us to distinguish ourselves clearly and sustainably from completion.

David Celis, Managing Partner

We know the needs of our customers, because only in this way can we make them even more successful every day.

Reduce YOUR IT costs and avoid large investments in rigid infrastructure. Benefit from productivity-enhancing applications and services – Flexible and always state-of-the-art. Thanks to pay-as-you-grow you keep control of your costs and pay only what you really need conveniently on a monthly basis.

Of course to 100% SAFE IN LUXEMBOURG.

CMD Solutions stands for quality and customer service. We know how existential it is for your business. That is why we are particularly careful with the trust we have been given.

With the label “Safe in Luxembourg” we guarantee that all your data and applications are stored exclusively in Luxembourg and are not backed up outside Luxembourg.

Discover the benefits
of our cloud-based services.

We have made it our mission to make the cloud available to everyone – from one-man operations to medium-sized companies.

Reducing costs

Cloud-hosted servers enable scalable computing power and minimize IT requirements and physical storage, resulting in significant savings.

Anytime, anywhere

Cloud-hosted desktops allow users to access their files anytime, anywhere from any device. Files are no longer stored on a single computer.

Reduces the risk

The cloud enhances security for its users by backing up data outside the site, reducing the potential for hackers, viruses, and other security issues.

Improves efficiency

After migrating to the cloud, organizations no longer worry about power consumption, space requirements, or software updates.

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