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Backing up your on-premises servers is vital for your business, because your valuable data can be lost or destroyed in the event of a server failure. Your servers store customer data, your financial data, orders, your customers’ open receivables, plans, projects, and intellectual property. That’s why it’s so important to protect these data from loss and destruction.

Daily threats from ransomware and other viruses range from catastrophic events such as fire or water damage to hardware failures, broken hard drives, or short circuits. Accidental or intentional deletion can also quickly have a drastic effect.

Theory and practice

It is often overlooked that these events relate to the building, the network, the people with access, or the server itself. A fire spreads as well as rain or extinguishing water in the building, a virus spreads throughout the network, and people with physical or virtual access can (un)intentionally manipulate data.

Therefore, a basic rule of data backup states that you should store 3 copies of your data on 2 different media and 1 copy offsite, i.e. outside your direct sphere of activity.

In practice, we often encounter external hard drives or tapes, which are often not exchanged, forgotten or taken away in turbulent everyday life. Also, in practice it is seldom checked whether the backup data would be usable in case of doubt.

3-2-1 easy-made

With CMD Backup, we enable you to store your most important data, servers, and virtual machines externally without having to operate an external infrastructure or outsource and carry offline media such as external hard drives or tapes.

We back up your on-premises data according to your specifications

Whether physical servers, virtual machines, workstations and clients, Windows or Linux. Once the backup has been created, we upload your data via an encrypted connection directly into our sealed Veeam CloudConnect repository in the European Data Hub Data Center – “Safe in Luxembourg” of course.

Our service included in all CMD backup packages

  • Daily monitoring and validation of your backup
  • Redundant backup storage Safe-in-Luxembourg
  • Seamless integration for physical & virtual servers, notebooks, PCs and more
  • Secured and encrypted connection between you and external cloud backup storage
  • WAN accelerator for faster transfer
  • Separate “one-way street network” – no chance for crypto-locker attacks

CMD Backup – Base complete

For 1 on-premises instance including Veeam license

for 1 instance
= 1 server, 1VM, or 1 client
1,000GB backup storage CloudConnect

CMD Backup

Already using VEEAM to back up your on-premises data?

Use our VEEAM CloudConnect repository and back up your data directly in the secured backup container via an encrypted connection in our data center.

CloudConnector for 1 instance = 1 server, 1VM or 1 client
1,000GB backup storage CloudConnect

You don’t have a VEEAM license, but want to manage your backup yourself? We are happy to provide you with VEEAM on a monthly basis “as-a-service”.

Do you have any questions?
Our team will be happy to respond to them.

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