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Your servers store all the data that makes up the life of your company (customer records, HR, financials, projects, etc.).

That’s why it’s essential to set up a physical or virtual backup to prevent any loss of essential data.

Theory and practice

On a daily basis, all kinds of events can take place, putting your data at risk. From an employee’s mishandling of your data to a fire, there are many problems that could compromise your backups.

With CMD.Backup, we have the solutions you need for data backup, archiving and restoration.

Our top tip

During our meetings, we put forward a piece of advice that is often little implemented, but which significantly increases data security.

This is the
3-2-1-0 STRATEGY
The principle is simple:
You need three copies of your data. The first is contained in your computers and other general office tools, and the other two are backup copies.
These copies will be stored on two different media, one of which is located outside your company to ensure maximum security.


  • 3 copies of your data
    – 1 production copy
    – 2 backup copies


  • 2 different storage devices for storing your copies


  • 1 off-site copy for your security


  • regular restoration tests

Safety and quality guarantee

We secure your data on-site to your specifications.

Whether physical servers, virtual machines, Windows or Linux desktops and clients, backup is carried out via an encrypted connection directly to our sealed Veeam CloudConnect repository at the European Data Hub – our guarantee for your data “100% safe in Luxembourg”.

THE CHOICE of physical or cloud backup?

It’s a question that comes up regularly on the subject of data protection.

The presence of a physical backup is ideal for companies wishing to keep their data in-house. This solution’s strengths lie in the fact that only you have access to your data, and that you can manage backups yourself. This option also meets the requirements of supervisory bodies such as the CSSF.

The cloud enables you to save on a number of economic and material aspects, including space, energy and the costs of a physical infrastructure.
A copy in a data center means you never lose access to your data, wherever it may be, and it is backed up regularly with a high level of security.

Our partnership with Synology enables us to offer a cutting-edge physical backup solution with high-fidelity hardware.

By using a backup like this, you can be sure of a direct, fast copy of your data.

These tools are also highly modular, enabling them to be adapted to all types of data and backups.

Backup Cloud Provider

As a global provider of cloud data backup and 450,000 satisfied customers in 2023, Veeam is a must in backup services, including data restoration in conjunction with well-known software such as M365, Salesforce and Kubernetes.
When you link up with Veeam for your Cloud backup and data backup, you can be sure you’re linking up with a high-quality service that’s reliable over time.

Access to cloud connect and other Veeam resources at low cost

For any new cloud backup project, we provide access to the Veeam license, which is a financial advantage for smaller structures.

Already using VEEAM to back up your data on-site?

Use our VEEAM CloudConnect repository and back up your data directly to the secure backup container via an encrypted connection in our data center.

Do you have any questions?

Our team will be happy to respond to them.

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