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E-mail has long been one of the most important media in daily corporate communications – both internally and externally. Often, e-mail is the first, the only and/or the most important way to communicate with your customers, to exchange information or even files. They are both a business card and an external communication card.

This makes 100% reliability all the more important. E-mails must be available at any time, from any device and anywhere in the world. Your customers also expect constant availability today.

    More than just “Email”

    A professional E-mail solution can do much more today. You maintain your address book and your schedule in your E-mail account, you can share it with your colleagues and employees, and you can determine who is allowed to see what. This facilitates timely collaboration and increases your productivity and that of your employees.

    Features you’ll love

    With CMD Mail you use the state-of-the-art e-mail solution:
    Microsoft’s Exchange in full without investing in a large infrastructure. You do not have to buy expensive licenses or worry about backing up just in case.

    You always have all your devices in sync, whether you read from your smartphone, delete it from your laptop or make an appointment from your workstation.

    Send and answer meeting requests and send e-mails with your personal signature even from the smartphone in the same look. Manage your contacts, appointments and permissions to view them.

    Safety at the highest level

    In particular, e-mails often contain sensitive information. The results of the last meeting, contract documents, and status reports for the current development projects. Therefore, it is vital to protect them as much as possible and not leave anything to chance.

    Our service included in all CMD Mail packages

    • Push notifications inform you about new messages
    • On all devices and always in sync
    • Contacts, calendars, Share appointments and manage them on all devices
    • Professional signature in all your emails, including on your smartphone
    • Enterprise-class Antispam Filter

    Different users – different accounts

    In your company there are certainly employees with more “writing stuff” and those with less. Therefore, we have provided 3 configurations for you, most of which are suitable from the beginning. And if not, we are happy to adapt them, because the addition of additional storage space is possible at any time.

    For accessibility and
    reduced communication

    1GB mailbox store
    daily backup included
    1 Address | name(@)

    For employees with
    daily e-mail communication

    5GB mailbox storage
    daily backup included
    1 Address | name(@)
    up to 5 aliases or alternative domains

    For extensive

    25 GB mailbox storage
    daily backup included
    1 Address | name(@)
    up to 5 aliases or alternative domains

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