Secured Privacy Card

First you have to think of a secret word, e.g. BACKUP. This word is only for you and is absolutely secret. Secret means that it will not be passed on, neither privately nor at work. No admin in the world needs your password. If somebody wants to repair something on your computer with your identification, for example, you enter your password yourself. Your password is secret!

First we have to decide for one of the 8 colours.

We choose purple.

In the example we now have our secret word BACKUP. So now we look for the first letter of our secret word, the B, in the black fields, look in the purple field and type a question mark as the first character.

The second letter of our secret word is an A (BACKUP), we look for the A in the black fields, look in the purple field and find the small i. The second letter of our password is a small i.

The nice thing about the password card: with the one secret word BACKUPyou can create seven more passwords. To do this, use your secret word BACKUP again and use the characters from the orange fields for your new password.


Have fun!

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